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Trendouz FTC Do Not Call Violations



Trendouz and California Advice Center, which are registered fictitious business names of Blackhawk Real Estate Group, Inc., have been known to issue a robo-call bombardment even if a phone number is on the FTC Do Not Call list.

Recently, Blackhawk agreed to pay $15,000 to settle claims relating to its illegal phone calls.

Here are known phone numbers believed to be associated with the company:

(925) 203-9270
(888) 293-0818
(844) 332-5658
(415) 289-5141
(925) 239-2562

If your telephone number has been registered with the Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call list, and you received more than 1 call, you may be entitled to damages.

By law, the TCPA (short for Telephone Consumer Protection Act) provides for a minimum of $500 in statutory damages for every violation (not every call as one call may have multiple violations) which can be trebled to $1500 per violation for wilful acts.

Blackhawk Real Estate Group, aka Trendhouz aka California Advice Center, may have multiple violations for calling a number on the Do Not Call List and calling after a request has been made to stop calling.

These are robo-calls making spurious claims, often about some $10,000 homeowners are entitled to receive.

No name may appear in the caller ID and the recorded message may not identify who is calling. However, from the phone number you may be able to know who is calling you by comparing numbers on this web page.

More information about the company:

Blackhawk Real Estate Group, Inc.
California Advice Center
4185 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Suite 101
Danville, California 94506

Individuals associated with the company:

Ayman Sinote
Ayman Shahid
Mysti Matthews
Ashley Brennan
Wendy Dehaydu
Lamar Barnes

Having dealt with this company I have the following suggestions:

- You MUST document with evidence their violations. To do this (1) take a picture of the caller ID on your phone showing the date, time, and number calling, and (2) using your phone or video camera play back and record the message left on your voice mail so you have proof.

- Do not believe anything this company tells you.

- The company will deny, claim they are compliant with the law, know how to deal with the FTC, have an infinite number of excuses, and refuse to pay you anything.

- Anyone you communicate with may lie about you said. I suggest all communications be in writing.

It may take a lawsuit to force payment. I have the contact information for the company's insurance company attorney who is aware of violations being claimed.

Legal Reference

Your residential telephone number needs to be registered with the FTC Do Not Call List. If you have not registered then you cannot complain about receiving unsolicited sales calls.

You can register here.

If you are unsure if you have registered, click here to check if your number is on the FTC Do Not Call list.

What is the Law

Title 47 of the United States Code Section 227(c) allows you to claim penalties if you receive unsolicited calls after your telephone number has been added to the FTC list.

You need to receive two or more calls from the same company within a 12-month period.

Basically, Congress gives phone spammers a freebie in calling you once.

It is also a violation of the law to call you after you demand to stop calling.

It may also be a violation to robo-call without identying who is calling.

How Much Do You Get

The law says you get a minimum of $500 for every violation. This can be trebled up to $1500 per violation if the violation was willful. Generally, when someone calls your phone they are willfully doing it. That is not a high standard to meet.

There may be additional penalties if the call is to your cell phone - even if the cell phone is not registered with the Do Not Call List.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have been unlawfully robo-called despite being on the Do Not Call List contact us immediately so that your situation can be reviewed.

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