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Dear fellow business owner,

I am extremely proud to offer you this special report.

This report is about a secret tax loophole you don't need a billion dollar business to use. It's good for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

This is what you need:

- A business. Having an entity like a corporation, LLC or partnership is perfect. If you have a sole proprietorship a unique strategy may be available. I guarantee you have never thought of this obscure twist to use with a sole proprietorship.

- 5 minutes to set up.

- The secret sauce in the report.

When you read it your jaw will drop. It is very easy to do and the law is sitting right out in the open for anyone to see. But knowing the secret sauce? No one knows that.

How much will you make from the strategy?

This one loophole by itself won't make you a millionaire.

It is good for about $5000 in tax free money a year.

Year after year after year.

Let me ask you this ....

If someone offered to give you just $3000 in tax free money this year, next year, year after year, would you take it? Or would you say nah, I'm good, just give it to the IRS bureaucrats.

The way I see it ....

Now that you know there's a tax free money method you might as well be lighting a few grand on fire each year you don't do this. Strike that. At least a fire keeps you warm. Unless you take advantage of this tactic you're flushing a few grand down the toilet.

I don't know about you, but I'm not insane when it comes to free money.

How Does The Tax Free Money Thing Work?

This is surprisingly simple ...

Your business entity is going to pay you money every month. The reason for the payment is the "secret sauce" you're investing in.

There is a business reason for the payment, a very good one (something you're probably already doing!). Bingo, obvious tax deduction for your business.

Now the loophole kicks in.

You pay no taxes on the money.

Let me recap ...

Your business takes a few grand of earnings and pays it to you. The business takes a deduction so there are no taxes paid on the business side.

The money paid to you is tax free.

100% tax free.

No charity needed. There is no income ceiling where the benefit starts fading out. Pure 100 percent, All-American free money.

Like I said, your jaw will drop and your eyes will bulge out when you read this.

Sounds Great! Is This Legal?

I would not offer this unless it was vetted and triple-checked by myself and others.

100 percent legal.

For proof you will get:

- The actual tax statute so you can read for yourself this is legal. Go ahead and confirm this with your CPA.

- References to CPAs who have written about this miracle loophole. You can read their articles.

- Hold on for this one ... a confirming letter from the IRS saying it is legal. Even better, not just any letter. A letter from the IRS to a member of Congress who wanted to know if there really was a loophole for getting tax free money.

- And there's more ...!

- The IRS tax memo telling you not to report the money as income because it is not taxable...

- The Forbes, BankRate, and legal articles telling you the money is tax free and there is no limit on the amount you can get ...

My friend, this is a solid tax strategy.

Why Hasn't My Accountant Told Me About This?

It's not your fault if you have never heard of this before.

Fact is most CPAs and accountants have never actually read the tax laws and regulations. Go ahead, ask yours if they ever sat down and studied tax laws like a textbook, reading statutes, regulations, and court opinions.

This is what they will admit to you ...

CPAs and accountants are not tax strategists. They use books and software written by others to do taxes and mundane tasks every day. They are not out there finding loopholes.

Even IRS agents never read the tax code. One CPA and former IRS examiner said this:

"[T]hese people were taught, just like I was taught in the university, basically nothing about the law and didn't use the codes or regulations. At the school that I graduated from, we had one tax class, and all they taught us was how to prepare a tax return. We didn't get into codes and regulations. When I was an IRS agent, we were taught using tables or publications that they put together and rarely even looked at the codes and regulations ...."

The United States General Accounting Office repeatedly reports billions of dollars are needlessly overpaid in taxes year after year. Most of the flushed money is on returns someone paid to have prepared.

Will TurboTax Do This For Me?

This strategy is not included in TurboTax.

It isn't that TurboTax is not aware of the law, but you will see the statement from TurboTax saying this is an issue not included in their software. This means if you only use their software to find all your deductions you will miss out on this because it is not mentioned.

Fortunately, the strategy is so simple all you have to do when listing your business deductions is to manually type in TurboTax the amount and what it is for. It will take you about 10 seconds.

The key, of course, is knowing what to do so your business can enter the deduction.

Here's What Others Have to Say About This Information ...

I am forever grateful for the information I have received and continue to receive in running my own business. Don't wait to do this. This is your money; stop giving it to the IRS!

Michelle Millard, California.

This is the kind of stuff I've gone to multiple CPAs saying "There must be something more I can do" to which I get nothing but "Well, we all have to pay taxes."

Maybe . . . but some of us will pay less than others - and that's not cheating the system - it's being smart about knowing what the system offers.

John Barker, Arizona

I just wanted to say thank you for this terrific tip! This was a tax-saving strategy that I have never heard of, but it fits my business model perfectly! I figure this tip alone should increase my income by several thousand dollars for [the year]! Look forward to more of your money saving and business protecting strategies!

Melody Wigdahl, Ohio

I was truly surprised. The loophole is clearly explained in plain English and easy to understand. More importantly, it is not some obscure tactic that only relates to internet marketers or some unusual occupation.

David Johnstone, Texas

What is Included

- Full description of the strategy and step-by-step guide. You will be amazed at how easy and simple this is. For many, it should cost nothing and take maybe 5 minutes to set up.

- The amazing tax statute you can read for yourself.

- Confirming proof from the IRS, other CPAs, Forbes, Bankrate, and others.

- Fill in the blank, copy and paste form you can use for documentation.

- Detailed FAQ section covering every possible issue to ensure you get maximum financial benefit.

- How to double your money.

- Have a sole proprietorship? The unique twist on an obscure strategy. Includes step-by-step guide, legal analysis, and fill in the blank form so you may be able to get tax free money too.

You Probably Want to Know - How Much?

Good news - it is not going cost you thousands of dollars to have an attorney figure this out for you. At $1000 this would be a good deal. I want you to have a great deal.

You can make thousands of dollars in tax free income, year after year, from just this one strategy, but your one-time investment is just $497 $397.

Ridiculously low.

There are not many other ways you're going to get a 20x (or more) return on your investment.

Then you write off your investment as being a tax deductible business expense.

You will get the report immediately without needing to wait for a guide to be sent you in the mail.

Bonus Reports

In addition to the tax guide, you will get bonus business reports covering a variety of issues you can immediately start using.

How common legal terms almost put one business owner in jail.

This report is about arbitration policies. Not understanding when and why to use arbitration terms can be devastating. The problem mentioned in this report is one I see repeated over and over, biting many businesses.

Privacy Policy Report

The report includes:

- Handy checklist of what needs to be in your website privacy policy.

- Full analysis of new privacy laws now in effect. These laws impact websites everywhere, even if you are not in California but sell to California residents.

- Sample privacy policy you can copy and use.

How to sign business contracts without incurring personal liability.

Employee confidentiality contract to protect business assets and customers from departing workers.

The regular price for just these reports is $147. You get them free with the tax strategy guide.

This is What You Need to Do Next ...

Click or touch the Add to Cart button below. You will be taken to PayPal where you can use any major credit card, or a PayPal account to get your report.

Ordering is completely secure and you can get your report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are a PayPal verified merchant. In about a minute you will be reading your Tax Free Money Guide!


After completing the PayPal process you will see a page that looks something like the one below. As indicated by the red arrow, click or touch the link "Return to BSMKLP" (the account name PayPal uses for us) and you will be immediately redirected to your report.

If for some reason there is a problem please contact our office and the issue will be taken care of as soon as possible.


Profitably Yours,

Brian Kindsvater

P.S. - Taxes are one of your biggest expenses. Once you read this report you'll kick yourself for not knowing about this loophole sooner. Some of the easiest money you will ever make, so take advantage of this loophole today. This is not an issue you can wait until the end of the year to take maximum advantage of.

When was the last time you saw an attorney so confident about something (anything) they offered a $1000 guarantee?

Questions? Not sure about ordering?

If you have a question about this strategy please contact me right away.

I am always surprised when someone does not immediately grab this. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

If you're on the fence contact me so I will know what the issue is. One client told me: 'Brian, my business is really in the hole and need a lot more money than this.' OK. Sometimes you need a few singles and to not just wait for a homerun if you have a big financial problem. But to walk away from a few grand in tax free money just because you need even more? This is easy tax free money for you and I hope you take advantage of this report.

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Guarantee applies to use of the strategy with a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership only.

Purchase of this product does not create any attorney-client relationship and does not make you a client of the law firm. No legal, accounting or professional advice is provided. Each tax situation is unique and you could consult with your tax advisor regarding any tax strategy, including what you learn in this report.

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