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Will You Lose Your Career, Clients and Income,
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Because You Signed a Non-Compete?

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Hi, my name is Brian Kindsvater and I can help you.

Signing a non-compete agreement can mean the end of your career. I've seen people who have worked 20+ years in an industry suddenly fired after a couple months on the job by a bad manager, then getting a letter from the company attorney threatening a lawsuit if so much as send a resume to a competitor or say hello to an old friend and client.

Your situation is not OK.

You can do nothing and start from scratch in a new industry. Good luck in this economy.

You could chance things on your own. But what chance will you have if you are sued? I've seen new hires suddenly fired when their old employer talks lawsuit. Or even worse files one. How are you going to defend a lawsuit while unemployed?

Or I can guide through the legal landmines so that you can be in a better position to stay employed. Working within your expertise and maximizing your earning potential. Not taking actions that could result in a bad lawsuit.

Giving you more sleep at night and peace of mind about what you can - and cannot do - while saving thousands of dollars in legal fees.


Thank you so much, that was seriously great news for us.... You were fantastic to work with and I am happy to put in a good word or testimonial whenever needed.

Thank you again so much, you were a godsend.


The most common inquiry I receive is from persons wanting a non-compete agreement reviewed to determine its legality and to get recommended courses of action.

Although my office only has space for a few clients - the requests keep coming in.

I understand why. Very few attorneys specialize in non-compete issues. Not even so-called employment or labor law attorneys. Thousands of people have read my material, including other attorneys that have sought my advice about non-compete agreements (both for their clients and for non-compete terms they face as employees in large law firms).

There is not enough time in the day to personally assist everyone.

So I have a special offer for you. Something you will not find anywhere else.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a personal review of your non-compete agreement, you can choose to get a special report that will detail for you what is legal and not legal in your contract, and most importantly, give you specific strategies you can use now to help prevent you from being sued. Or if you are, to win - and to help you get out of any legal difficulty as cheaply and quickly as possible.

These strategies I have personally developed over the last decade. Until now they have only been available to private clients.

* How to legally use your employer's customer list to tell clients about your new job

* How to solicit former clients without getting in trouble for soliciting former clients

* What not to say and do (unless you want to get sued)

* How to handle out of state non-compete agreements

* and much more in this 20+ page guide

This is the first time, and the only place, this special report is available.

I already know what is in your contract (after reviewing countless contracts it is very rare that I see something new) - and it is all spelled out in your special report. But just in case you have some weird twist or situation, there is a private form you can use to explain the situation. Assuming it is something not already covered in your report, I will add it. This does not mean my Law Office is taking you on as a client (nor does the purchase of the report). It means new information will be added for you and anyone else to make use of. That way you gain the advantage of collective information being added to the non-compete analysis.

Your report will be available to you immediately. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Only a $97 investment in your career, family and future.

This non-compete analysis is only intended for California employee non-compete situations. If you sold a business or separated from a LLC or partnership, while this information may be useful for you, it will not be as useful as a full-blown personal analysis.

To help protect your income and business, keep clients, and sometimes the ability to put food on the table and keep a roof over your family's head, you agree to the terms of use and simply click on the Buy Now Button below to order. After payment you will be promptly redirected to the web page where your information is waiting for you.

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P.S. - This special non-compete review report, based on 20 years of experience, is not available anywhere else.

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Obvious legal disclaimer. No one can guarantee you will never be sued or will win a case. Moreover, the law is continually changing and you may have particular circumstances requiring the consideration of facts, laws, and issues that are not fully addressed in the pre-prepared material.

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