Person Locators:

Infospace Reverse Lookup - find person or business using their address, phone, fax, toll-free number, or email

Anywho Reverse Lookup

Background Research:

Lawzilla Web Detective - Excellent resource of investigative resources for almost anything imaginable (one time fee)

Docusearch - Hundreds of links to free and reasonably priced searches

Knowx - Database of public information (small cost, requires cookies)

Ameridex - Database of public information (not free)

Informus - Social Security Number Lookup (not free)

Ancestry - genealogy and ancestry information, including address and social security numbers for the deceased

Federal Election Contributions - review which federal candidates persons have contributed to, and how much

Map Locators:

Map Quest

Yahoo Maps

Corporate Research:

California Secretary of State corporation, LLC, and LP research

SEC Filings - keyword search of SEC archive

Hoovers Online - company profiles

Database America - company searches (small cost for profiles and credit ratings)


Vital Statistics Information - State by state vital statistics resources

Aircraft research - search by N-number

Aircraft research - search by owners name

OSHA Investigation - businesses inspected by OSHA

Funeral Industry - financial research

Physician Research:

AMA Physician Select - background information on physicians

California Medical Licenses - medical license information, including malpractice awards

Internet Research:

Network Solutions Whois - Search for websites owned by a certain person

Allwhois - Search most domain registries at once

Namedroppers - Search for all websites that include certain words

Sam Spade - Research tools to determine website information

Arin - Website research based on ip addresses

Nunames - Whois for .nu websites

Alldomains - Whois for .to websites

The .tv corporation - Whois for .tv websites

Astalavista - Warez research



Lexis One

United States Supreme Court Briefs

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