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What gift do you give an attorney? Glad you asked! There is no one better to know what give, so here a few recommendations you can get today ...

The first thing you will want to evaluate is what type of person are you giving the gift to? Some attorneys are fun and just like everyone else. For instance, how many legal websites have attorney jokes on them?

Other attorneys are, shall we say, all business all the time, and that is reflected in their office.

While you may want to believe your attorney is in the first category, let me tell you there are more attorneys in the latter category.

Gifts for the Law Office

Is the attorney's law office full of fun stuff, family photos, crayon drawn pictures from the kids, etc. Or is a bit stuffy and intimidating with just degrees and legal documents on the vanity wall?

That may help you decide which of these gifts to get:

Bronze Scales of Justice

Why this is a great gift: The scales of justice, showing justice is blind as depicted by Themis or Justitia, the goddess of divine justice, is a classic figure instantly recognized by attorneys and others. Anyone interested in the law would be proud to display this type of figure.

This particular statue is a good size: 18 inches high. That is not small, like a Barbie doll, but also not huge, and goes well on a bookshelf, credenza or corner table. If the size is too high, there is a smaller version a foot high for about half the price.

Shown is a figure with a bronze finish to complete the classical look. The statue has some heft, weighing 8 pounds, so it feels sturdy and will not easily tip over. For a gift like this you do not want to give some plastic figurine that is easily broken within a week.

The price is about $100 for the 18 inch version, half that for the 12 inch version, and last I looked has free shipping. Obviously, for this and other products on this page I do not check prices and availability daily, so these are rough amounts of what the gift will cost. Please click on the appropriate link to buy and get exact pricing.

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Engraved Gavel

A gavel, like a judge uses to pound on his desk for quiet, is another excellent gift for the legal profession.

This is a great gift because (1) it is wood, (2), the gavel plus the sound block makes the loud banging noise that is desired, and (3) shown is an engraved gavel which is extra special.

You can just give a gavel, and if you are pressed for time that is all which may be possible.

Better, though is one which is engraved with the person's name and maybe something about them. That will help create a memorable gift they may remember forever.

The price is about $30 - $40 including shipping.

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Shark Sign

Many a lawyers fancies themself as a real shark. Someone not to be trifled with who can take a bite out of the opponent.

For the lawyer who doesn't take himself or herself too seriously, a shark sign can add some color and whimsy to an office, while at the same time suggesting the toughness of the legal representation.

Different variations of the shark sign are continually being made, so you may or may not find one exactly matching the shown picture. Regardless, you should not have trouble getting a shark sign conveying this type of meaning.

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Scales of Justice Tie

Ties are always in demand so this makes for an easy gift.

We like the Scales of Justice look because it is classy, can be worn even at trial, but at same time is not boring.

Shown is a gold and black tie, but you can find scales of justice ties in about any color figuration you want.

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Attorney Cufflinks

Not everyone wears cufflinks. Most wear regular button down sleeves. So before getting a gift like cufflinks make sure the person you are buying them for has shirts they will work with!

If cuff links are a gift option, they can make a very cool gift.

Shown are scales of justice cuffs (note the ongoing theme about scales of justice making a great gift). Many varieties are available, but gold always looks sophisticated.

The price for nice cufflinks like this will likely range from $15 to $40 including shipping.

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Trust Me I'm a Lawyer

For someone more casual go for "Trust Me I'm a Lawyer" shirts or other products.

Shown is a simple black and white t-shirt. You can also find mugs and other products.

This is a somewhat funny and inexpensive gift. For clothes, make sure you know the person's size and whether the shirt will shrink or not with washing.

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Here is a classy and unique gift: an autograph that can be framed and hung on the wall. The autograph can be of a favorite politician, supreme court justice, or maybe their favorite hero or celebrity!

Since the celebrity / hero angle is infinitely broad depending on the person, here are few "law" related autograph ideas to get you started ...

If the attorney is a conservative Republican, then an autograph from the late icon and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia may be perfect. Be forwarned - there are surprisingly few autographs available from Scalia (or any Supreme Court justice).

A perfect gift - but signing autographs is not what they often did. If possible - get an original autograph instead of a reprint.

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Even better is an autograph from who else but Brian Kindsvater. Why not?

A real collectors item. Who knows what is will be worth in the future.

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This autograph is from President Barack Obama. A different style than paper hung on a wall, this baseball is something to showcase on a desk or shelf.

Not only is the autograph unique and something to attract attention, the uniqueness of the object (baseball) makes this a great gift idea.

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Here is a funny idea: a Judge Judy autograph! You can be sure everyone will want to see this one.

Judge Judy makes rulings like any other judge and, you never know - some day you may wind up in front of Judge Judy.

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