Sacramento Non-Compete Attorney

Attorney Brian Kindsvater is "the" expert on California non-compete issues.

Located in Sacramento, Mr. Kindsvater practices throughout California and consults nationwide.

Author of numerous articles and reports on non-compete topics, Brian Kindsvater's information has been read by thousands and he is called upon by individuals, businesses, media reporters, associations, and other attorneys.

For more information about non-compete issues:
Complete an information request for potential legal assistance.

Read an in-depth report about non-compete issues at Lawzilla.

Obtain an extensive 20+ page legal review of virtually every non-compete issue commonly seen by Mr. Kindsvater.
If you are in the Sacramento area, or Northern California, you have found the non-compete attorney you were looking for.

If you are located elsewhere Mr. Kindsvater can probably assist with via an online consultation. For litigation issues, if needed, he may be able to help locate more convenient counsel.

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