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California Employment Law Issues

Non-Competition Agreements == hot topic
Non-competition agreements are generally illegal in California
Non-Compete Termination Issues
Can an employee be fired for refusing to sign a noncompete agreement?
Non-Compete Independent Contractor Issues
Whether noncompete terms are enforceable against contractors who are not employees.
Non-Compete Divorce Issues
Is a noncompete agreed to in a divorce enforceable?
Non-Compete Franchise Issues
Is a noncompete in a franchise agreement enforceable?
Arbitration of Non-Compete Terms
The risks involved where an arbitrator may enforce an illegal contract term.
Non-Compete Terms and Non-Voting Stock
Does owning non-voting stock mean you are a company owner where a non-compete can be enforced?
Haggen Non-Compete Issues
Can Haggen grocery come into California and use noncompete contracts which prevent employees from being hired by other grocery stores?
Seller of Business Becomes an Employee with Non-Compete Terms
Analysis of when terms in a purchase agreement and contemporaneous employment agreement are enforceable. Is this an exception where a noncompete in an employment contract is enforceable?
Final Paychecks
When final paychecks must be paid to departing employees
Mileage Reimbursement
Reimbursement of automobile mileage expenses
Vacation Pay
Many companies have illegal "use it or lose it" vacation pay policies
Wage Deductions - Employee Damages
When can businesses deduct from an employee's paycheck damages caused by the employee
Exempt/Non-Exempt Employees
Proper classification of workers is essential to avoid state and federal penalties
Letters of Recommendation
New Pitfalls for Employers When Preparing Letters of Recommendation
Minimum Wage
Minimum wage requirements in California
Wrongful termination
Also known as - "I've been fired, can I sue my former employer?" or "I've just fired someone (or am about to), can I be sued?"
Sue Your Boss
- Over 100+ ways a business can get sued by an employee. Critical information for employees, HR managers, and business owners. Even the Governor's Office bought a copy.
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