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Appearance on CNBC re: HP v. Mark Hurd

Brian Kindsvater was on the CNBC show Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo discussing Hewlett-Packard's big lawsuit against its former CEO Mark Hurd.

Will HP be able to prevent Hurd from jumping ship to work for Oracle?

Mr. Kindsvater, selected by CNBC due to his expertise on California noncompete and trade secret issues indicated HP will have a tough time making a claim due to unique aspects of California law. But it might have some 'smoking gun' facts that are not alleged in the lawsuit.

Epilogue: As predicted by Mr. Kindsvater, HP dismissed their lawsuit and Mark Hurd remains employed by Oracle.

FTC Business Opportunity Rule

Brian Kindsvater wrote "the" guide to the new FTC Biz Opp Rule.

The FTC guide is detailed and will help you determine if you are subject to the Business Opportunity Rule and, if so, how to comply. Thousands have read Mr. Kindsvater's FTC materials.

Click Here to Get your Free Copy of the New FTC Business Opportunity Rule Guide

California Employment Law

Brian Kindsvater has counseled and represented businesses and employees throughout the United States about California employment law.

California NonCompete Agreements and Trade Secret Issues are a hot topic. Mr. Kindsvater has counselled many dozens of employees who are planning to leave their company to start their own or to work for a competitor about their rights and responsibilities. Brian has also helped many businesses comply with the unique requirements of California law and helped them protect their valuable assets and customer base.

By understanding all sides of the issue Brian Kindsvater has provided superior analysis on California labor law matters.

Sue Your Boss - The infamous ebook the California Governor's Office bought. Over 100+ ways employees can sue their employer. A must read for every business, HR manager, and employee.

Internet Law

Brian Kindsvater has litigated or counselled on almost every aspect of Internet law. Copyright, trademark, obscenity, domain squatting, pornography, spam, pop-ups, unfair competition, etc. Online since 1994, Mr. Kindsvater has a wealth of experience about Internet legal issues.

His Internet and marketing articles have been distributed worldwide, Mr. Kindsvater authored the best selling Webmaster's Legal Guide.

Funeral and Cemetery Law

Brian Kindsvater has represented countless funeral homes and cemeteries in California. He was specially appointed by the California Superior Court to act as liaison counsel overseeing the defense and resolution of the Vieira Flying Service Cremated Remains Litigation, one of the largest cases in US history that ultimately involved several hundred mortuaries, cemeteries and other funeral establishments, a half-dozen class actions filed throughout Northern California, and thousands of claimants.